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Don Riney dmriney at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 24 11:29:39 PDT 2006

Elfsea Springfaire was a success!  We had fun.  The new Artisan, Bard and King of Fools for our Barony were chosen. No one got badly injured.  Hey did we mention that we had fun?

When an event is a success, it got there through the hard work of many hands. There are many steps that people don't see, from loading the trailer to stringing site tokens, from marshaling to tending over heated fighters, they are all equally as important. 

Here is a list of names, where we may have missed many people because it is so hard to see everyone at all times, from our Barony to guests who have come from other parts of the kingdom that pitched in and lent a hand wherever and whenever they saw they could help. 

Richard, Caelin, Daniel Stewart, Sioban, Armand, Ameline, Aislin, Juliana, Tereysa, Arius, Pyro, Daniel of Cameron, Joscelyn, Feargus, Genna, Ethne, Karric, Irena, Trevor, Arrabella, Genevieve 1.0 and 2.0, Thomas, Rixende, Domhnall, The Peasant Army, Robin of Gillwell, Modius, Raimond, Crandall, Lyonette, Robin de Schallad, All the Past Artisans Of Elfsea, Eleanor, Xian Xue, Colleen, Charles O'Flynn, Robert Fitzmorgan, Ren the Gimp, Abagail O'Brogan, Vinnie (AKA Druinne), Guido (AKA Elizabeth), Allyson, Caelin (AKA Bratling), Clan Cadal, Rhiannon, Johann, the small Armies of Waterbearers/ Marshals, and staff that we have forgotten to name.  Most importantly, all of you who showed up to Springfaire and our children for giving up their mom and dad.

Thank you all so very much
Darius and Rosalia
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