[Elfsea] FW: [Steppes] Stained Glass, Papermaking, Felting Kits

Deana Covel dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 27 10:59:51 PDT 2006

Wasn't someone looking for information on paper
makeing a few weeks ago?  Here are some kits!


--- "Morgan Cain (Ret.)" <morgancain at earthlink.net>

> Good morning!  A children's camp was going to take
> these ( and a lot of other stuff) but I haven't
> gotten an answer from them in weeks about pickup. 
> I'm not sure these will sell in my garage sale next
> month so if anybody wants them let me know.  I want
> them OUT of the garage!  I'm afraid that if I send
> them to a thrift store they won't understand why the
> kits need to stay together.
> Papermaking kit include blender, screens, and lots
> of supplies, also a booklet of instructions.
> Felting kit includes fleece in various colours,
> instructions, and different additives.
> Stained glass supplies include grinder, box of
> glass, and some leading.  I haven't checked in the
> box for cutter and flux.
> Each of the above is not just a small box, but a
> carton (or two) of stuff.  They are not commercial
> kits but have been assembled so you get more than a
> commercial kit would offer.  I'm just trying to
> focus on certain crafts for a while and these got
> the short straw.  OK, even without this felting kit
> I have far more fiber than one person can play with
> for several years, so..............
> I've also found a bunch of gold and silver sewing
> and embroidery threads, those will go in the garage
> sale or be sold at Pennsic.  If you cannot come by
> for the garage sale, I will be at the Addison
> Conference Center this Friday (tomorrow) through
> Sunday.
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