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Just what I needed, being unemployed and destitute and at the end of my
Loved it!
(and I wonder why the baron was up so late -- thinking up ways to make life
more miserable for the peasants? -- not that he ever would, of course.  He's
great!  A Bountiful, Boisterous, Benevolent Baron that none can match!  and
the Beatific, Beatific Baroness!  Are we so lucky to have them as our
guiding examples of life here in Elfsea.  I bow to them. I genuflect to
them.  I -- well, you get the picture.  Why was he up so late reading this
stuff?  Oh, well... the workings of the noble mind escapes me...)
aliquantulus ferment nunquam vulnero quisquam 
(a little ferment never hurt anyone) 

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This place has my sense of humor, so watch out.
Despair, Inc.
Caelin on Andrede

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