[Elfsea] Period Food Collegium on August 5, 2006

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Wed Aug 2 11:52:15 PDT 2006

Good Gentles,

Are you interested in period food but not sure where to start? Haven't
really cooked before much less cooked period recipes? Well, we have the
class for you. Need a refresher on food handling, preparation techniques,
redactions, and sources? This is for you too!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 5, 2006. The site is the
Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan, 1522 Highland Road, Dallas, Texas
75228. This is a lovely wooded site adjacent to the spillway at White
Rock Lake off Garland Road.

Master Petruccio Maria Cuccieri de Cataluna has had mundane life issues
interfere so he will be unable to run this class; however, fear not, as
HL Esther of Ennis Merth, Count Gunthar, HL Suzanna the Herbalist, HL
Saqra al-Kudsi, HL Gulianna Firidolfi and Elizabeth Seale have stepped to
make this happen.  I applaud these gentles for their service to our

The format for this event has been modified and simplified.  It will
begin with a presentation on safe food handling and then our gracious
cooks will demonstrate their skills by preparing redacted recipes for
lunch with running commentaries.  Then we will eat our preparations while
they are good and fresh.  The afternoon will be filled with classes on
redactions, herbs, food for vigils, food for feasts and food for A&S

This will be a fun and relaxed event.  If you want to just come and "hang
out," work on projects, or whatever, you are more than welcome to attend.
 These collegiums are typically not held in garb but if you want to
attend in garb, that's great too.

Hope to see you there!

Lady Fionnghuala the Fair

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