[Elfsea] An extra fighter practice Saturday evening

Michael Smith morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 3 05:48:34 PDT 2006

There will be a practice in Lewisville on Saturday night for anyone 
interested. The location will be a Memorial Park on Corporate @ South Valley 
Parkway.  Pretty easy to find. Centurion Giotto will be up taking a class 
with me during the day Saturday and Sunday, and will have his armour for 
Saturday night.  We won't be able to attend normal Sunday practices.


This is a link to the park.

http://tinyurl.com/z4nlb or this if that didn't work.

I think we're going to shoot for like 6-6:30 to start. The class ends at 5 
for me, and isn't too far away. I can eat something fast.

So, who all will be attending? Anyone got plans?  Feel free to fire me an 
email and let me know if you might attend so I have an idea of who to 

Sir Morgan

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