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Karolus Janos karolus at gte.net
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While I do acknowledge that the Black Star is the official tool of
communication within our fair Kingdom, I would point out that a fair number
of people do pay a NMS and would not have access to a copy.  The web is a
powerful tool for communication, and I am very sure that the Autocrat and
their Excellencies are doing everything in their power to make sure that
Elfsea Defender is a truly magnificent event and will get to the website as
soon as they are humanly able, real life after all is and should be
everyone's main priority and I think we all agree on that.


So I believe that HL Arabella is looking out for those that can't afford the
SCA membership but are hoping to attend one of the more enjoyable events of
the year (Note, the enjoyable events rating is solely the opinion of Karolus
and in no way reflects a media bias) I really believe that was the main aim,
was to make sure those who wouldn't have the Black Star will have a source
of information on the event.



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While a website for any event is a useful tool, the Blackstar is the
official communication for the event and a website is not mandatory. 


If there are any questions the Blackstar ad does not address, I am sure you
could contact the autocrats for any clarification.


HE Master Richard Fairbourne

Lisa Duke <hlarabella at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

Ok folks

It's 6 weeks until Elfsea Defender!


Where is the web site?

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