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Wed Aug 16 09:47:28 PDT 2006

I have to agree with Dux on these points. There is one more point
Your Grace that actually you do have control over. Your demenor when
you last spoke to the person you are emailing.

By this I mean that in whatever emotional state you (you as in the
generic you, not you specifically Your Grace) last spoke or
interacted with them is how they will visualize you as they read
your email.

Ex: If your last encounter with a merchant was bubbly and full of
good news then they will see that in their mind's eye as they read
your email.


On Wed, August 16, 2006 9:44 am, Greg Shetler said:
> I wish there were, Your Grace.  It seems e-mails tend more to be
> read as
> either negative, sarcastic and harsh or saccharine and insincere (or
> some
> other extreme) and less often as anything neutral or courteous.
> I did a paper on this subject last quarter.  Even with the expanding
> use of
> emoticons, parenthetical emotive comments (e.g. <grimace at my own
> awkwardness of phrase>), and even embedded voice or video, e-mail
> continues
> to be a medium that is often interpreted more by the mood of the
> reader than
> by the intent of the writer.
> Which, of course, underscores your other point about the value of
> direct,
> person-to-person communication.
> Dux
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> I found the feedback on the web site to have many good points. I
> would
> like some of the questions answered. I am not sure I liked the tone
> of
> the message, but seems that written messages on the list often sound
> fussy. Is there a trick to writing polite to the point e-mails?
> Where
> can I learn it?
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