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Your Grace,
While I am not the best of conversationalists, I have learned a few things
about conversation on the web. Rule 1 is write your words in your favorite
word program first. 2) Speak your words aloud. If you do not like how it
sounds then it probably needs to be reworded. 3) Never stab people in the
back online. If you cannot say it to their face, it certainly does not need
to be in the ether. 4) Lay it aside and water the lawn, play with the kids,
do a load of laundry, whatever you need to do to take your mind off the
offending email. (I am assuming you are talking about some oddball email.)
5) Always remember: what goes into the internet will always be in the
internet, laying in wait to bite you in the back. 6) Keep your words sweet,
you may have to eat them.
HL Robin de Shealladh
Chamberlain Elfsea

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I found the feedback on the web site to have many good points. I would 
like some of the questions answered. I am not sure I liked the tone of 
the message, but seems that written messages on the list often sound 
fussy. Is there a trick to writing polite to the point e-mails? Where 
can I learn it?

I would like to point out while the Internet is an important 
communication tool, one to one conversation is still our best 
communication pathway. Especially when we are talking about a new site 
it is important to personally invite people to our events. I mean 
everyone in the group. We need to make sure our friends know we are 
excited about the new site and we will be there and want them to be 
there too. It looks like a lovely place to camp. A place that we can 
live the magic. . A place to escape from the everyday and the mundane. 
People come to new site because they know old friends will be there 
and they will be made welcome. I plan to talk it up and I hope you 
will too.
Duchess Willow de Wisp 

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