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for something completely different. 
  The Phooles revel on Sept. 9. 
  I miss the A&S activities. Not because I am not interested, but because I work evenings. But I want to see what you all learned. 
  Plus I miss the meetings, for the same reason. I know there are newcomers, as I occasionally see them at fighter practice. 
  Thus I think that I am coming up with a Phoolish concept. 
  I want to see the works in progress from the A&S, and a short description of what is happening. 
  I want to see the newcomers and the mentors that have stepped forward to assist them in the introductions to Elfsea. 
  I want to see what other personal activities can be taken towards the phoolish ideas happening at the revel. Such as Her Grace Willow celebrating some anniversary of her birthing day. 
  Remember we are having potluck, and burning of meat. Phoolish themed bardic and dessert competition. Games, fighting (if cooler). 
  Bring your friends, your stories, your friend's stories. 
  There will be a meeting of the Order of the Award of Legs. 
  Please cross post as needed. I do not subscribe to Steppes. 
  Crandall, Puppet King of the Elfsea Phooles
  If you need to hear why the title, then you have to be there. 
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