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David Ruff davidsbox01 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 16 22:53:42 PDT 2006

Yes your grace i think you are right - I too think sometimes we forget we are talking to people and also forget that tone, inflection and meaning are lost in the thing we call email. 
  I think that we are surrounded by so many good ideas and ideas that would do it this way or that - that we as an individual forget that our ideas (while good ones) are not shared by the person doing it. 
  I think that we as players of a dream forget that this is a dream and what we make it - if we are quick to judge and turn up our noses we lose the very thing this game is all about. 
  The tones and inflections turn into hurt feelings and player A all of a sudden doesn't care for Player B. If this happens a few times then you have a company of people that are a barony not talking to each other and scaring new people away or worse yet get a thread of hurt for all around the world to read 10 minutes from the time it starts. 
  When i was in college and earning my pilots license and more recently when i went back to renew my license i heard something..... It used to be that the fastest way to hear a rumor was through pilots. A pilot hears something and then flys 6 hours and lands and tells his buddy, his buddy then flys 6 hours and tells his buddy... within days the rumor is way out of proportion, theres hurt feelings and hate spread that fast.... 
  Now imagine for a minute that someone in the Philippines saw an email exchange and while they may not understand or really care... it happen in minutes and is still going. 
  Just my thoughts for what they are worth.
  Ulrich Von Carolingia

"willowjonbardc at juno.com" <willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote:
  This is an very interesting comment.Sometimes we don't see each other 
for long periods of time. IT is hard to remember our last contact. I 
also feel we sometimes forget we are really talking to people.

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