[Elfsea] nice things about web site and request for more info

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Your Grace,
I have been to the site personally. I went there with the autocrats to help decide where set up should be. I needed to know where the merchants were going to be so I could give them better information, as merchantcrat. Here is what I know about the site, it might help.
There is a large open area with no trees. This is where we are going to have the list field and merchants. This area is surrounded by a primitive dirt/grass road. 
There are no lights in the area we are going to be using. Since there have been dry conditions it is suggested that any lighting you bring be enclosed. There will not be electricity for general camping.
Here is a crude map that might make the site a little more clear. I had to blow it up a little so the writting is a little pixilated...but I hope that it helps.
There are water spickets but it is a distance from where we will be camping, so you might want to bring a cart of some kind if you plan on using site water. I did not taste the water so I don't know what it is like. There are flush toilets some distance from where we will be on the site (about a 5 mintute walk). There are no showers.
The primitive road going around the site is just that. It is a worn area in the grass and can be quite bumpy. 
Over all the site is very pretty. The autocrats are trying to set it up to make the best use of the site.
On another note, Master Richard and myself will be setting up the Blue and Green House Faisson Pavillion on the list field. We are opening it up to anyone who needs shade. The list field will be set up in full sun so we want to make sure that people have a place to go out of the sun. 

In Service of the Barony of Elfsea
Giliana Launceleyn
foofurjlr at aim.com

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I really agree with Mistress Stella I really liked the pictures of the 
site. It looks lovely. There were trees in the picture. Is it like 
that all through the park? What is the lighting situation? Canton is 
lighted up. Are there lights in the park?

I would like some info on the water? How is the local water? Are there 
outdoor or indoor facilities.

How is your Swiss being run? A Swiss tourney in the real world is a 
pairing method. If someone who wasn't sure how we have mutated the 
word looked it up they would not understand you mean a round tourney 
with different weapons styles. If is run with a Swiss matching it is 
very unfair because the first weapons style has an advantage. The 
order of the weapons makes a difference. 

Thank you for information

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