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Thu Aug 17 08:17:40 PDT 2006

Greetings Lord Ulrich,
Thank you for your inquiry. I wanted to reply publicly for the benefit of
those who might have similar questions.
Note: This applies to all of the titled competitions.
A Letter of Intent to compete is not meant to be restrictive, but rather to
assist the gallery and the Baron & Baroness in identifying those who would
be our Defenders.
It is our desire to showcase our titled Defender competitions and as such
intend to have competitors in procession prior to the start of the list.
Competitors are encouraged to bring a herald to introduce themselves to the
gallery and presiding nobles. Competitors may also herald themselves, if
they so choose, or "hire" a herald on the day of the event. 
Letters of Intent received prior to the event, can be compiled and at the
ready to assist our heralds, should they be called upon during the
procession. They also allow our List Mistresses/Masters to prepare a bit in
advance to help the schedule move along more smoothly.
Now, specifically regarding our quest for Elfsea Archery Defender:
We encourage ALL Archers and Crossbow competitors to join the list. Elfsea
deserves the BEST of the BEST. Please come and compete for the right to
serve as Elfsea's Archery Defender, or help test the worthiness of those who
will. We do ask that Crossbows be fired from a standing (unsupported)
position to keep the challenge as equitable as possible. The bear pit format
will pair shooters for head-to-head matches. The victor of each head-to-head
match will retain the field and meet the next challenger in line. After 3
consecutive wins, a shooter will rejoin the line of challengers and two new
shooters will step up. The list will run for a set period of time, to be
determined by the number of competitors, and therefore stamina is also a
factor in determining our Archery Defender. Please let me know if you have
any additional questions, and I hope to see you in the list!
In the service of kingdom, crown and barony, I remain,
Baron Armand Dragonetti
Lord Elfsea

Just saw the defender website, looks clean and good. Very pleasing and a
heck of a lot better then i could have done. Job well done for what its
Letter of intent to compete? hermmmm. Xbows allowed in elfsea defender? Last
i heard that Elfsea stopped Xbows from competing, i heard they allowed them
the year after the stoppage - but never did confirm that. <------ NOT trying
to re-stir anything, more curious as i most likely will submit a request to
merchant rather then shoot, but may have a few that want to come out and
play medieval style and i get the itch to shoot from time to time or as i
call it "getting froggy" :)
A private email to the question is fine to keep list usage down -
davidsbox01 at yahoo.com
Thanks and again great looking site!!!!..... :)
Ulrich Von Carolingia
House FalconRose Bowyer and Crossbowman

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