[Elfsea] Wednesday Practice/Collegium

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Thu Aug 17 08:34:19 PDT 2006

Hello Elfsea and Steppes!
  Now that we have several months of practice behind us I was hoping to give the populace of this area a quick update in the form of some interesting tidbits:
  *     Last night we had 21 fighters practicing on the heavy field(s) alone.  This is especially notable due to the fact that more than a few "regulars" were not in attendence.  I find it very reasonable to expect that we can easily acheive a practice with 30 or more soon- if these levels of Metroplex support and interest maintain the same path.  
  *     Another notable fact about last night's practice is that 5 members of the Chivalry attended and fought.
  *     This practice is starting to become fully embraced by members of the Steppes populace as well.  Sir Morgan and Count Gunthar are commonly seen at practice.  
  *   We have had several visitors from out of the area visit multiple times, including Duke Kein, Sir Jean Paul and Sir Owen.
  *    We have assisted in the armoring of several new fighters.  As of next week all new fighters will be entirely on the field.
  *    We have been notably successful in assisting multiple fighters who have fought for many years , but that have been dissatisfied with the progression of their skill, to make significant advances in their prowess.  This is of great interest in that 3 months of training doesn't commonly override a decade of problems!
  *     It has been the consensus opinion of the Chivalry that have attended for the last month or so that this practice might actually have become one of the premier practices in the SCA...although there are a few famous venues in California, Michigan and Phoenix we are DEFINITELY pushing for a spot in the top five!!!
  To conclude, I would like to remind all my fellow Metroplex Ansteorrans that this practice is open (and WELCOMES!) fighters of ALL levels of experience.  When you attend you will be given individual instruction by an expert fighter and trainer.  You will also instantly see that the collection of people at this practice have a great time and are developing exellent friendships and comeraderie.  We would invite you to come share in building this practice for the greater glory of Steppes, Elfsea and ANSTEORRA!!!
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