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WESLEY DUKE wesley_duke at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 20 13:37:54 PDT 2006

There have been some questions raised concerning Elfsea Defender. The following is submitted in hopes that this might alleviate some of these questions.
  First of all, the web address shown in the Elfsea Defender Ad in the Black Star is incorrect. The correct URL is; www.elfsea.net\defender .
  Collin County is now a wet county, however, Myers Park is a County Park which is still legally a dry site, and therefore our event will be conducted at a dry site. This information is also listed on the “Site Information” page of the website.
  There was a question regarding the site fees; Site fees are $10 for adults 18 and over (plus $3.00 surcharge for non members); $5 for children under 18 with a $30 family max. Please make checks payable to SCA Inc/Barony of Elfsea. The fee schedule is also listed on the “Site Information” page of the website.
  There are a limited number of water faucets available and the water is potable. However, we would still suggest bring your own drinking water as the faucets are not close to the camping areas.
  There are flush toilets on site but they are also a short walk from the camping area. There will be portable toilets with sinks located near where all the activities will be held.
  At this time, we are working on having cold water showers available.
  There is a link on the “Site Information” page listing the local hotels/motels.
  There are ponds at the site, but they are not located near the area that the event will be held. All parents will still be expected to accompany their children according to SCA Policy. There is a disclaimer statement is listed on the website on the “Site Information” page.
  There has been detailed information added to the website regarding the nature of each tourneys.
  If anyone has any concerns or questions about the event or the site please contact one of the Autocrats.  HL Fearghus MacKenna, #817-269-5348, wesley_duke at sbcglobal.net or Lady Tereysa di Sorrano, #817-240-3165, dalscowgrl56 at hotmail.com.
  Thank you,
  HL Fearghus MacKenna
  Autocrat Elfsea Defender XXVII
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