[Elfsea] A sincere apology

Lisa Duke hlarabella at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 20 21:38:35 PDT 2006

Greetings to our fair populace,
  I have already apologized for my unfortunate actions.  My previous email was originally supposed to be sent privately to the Seneschal of Elfsea.  The proper protocol when a member of the populace sees things they believe to be not in the best interest of the group.  I already said I meant them to be private.  I apologized.  
  Actually the unfortunate message was ***NOT*** due to any personal problem I am having with Fearghus or anyone else. I just reread my original unfortunate post and no where did I actually say his name, nor did I even mention he was my ex-husband.  
  Further when I wrote that message I wasn't even sure he was responsible for putting up the web site. (As it was previously pointed out to me in a private message, I wasn't at the business meeting that all of these things were discussed.)
  In fact it wouldn't matter who was running this event, the items of concern I posted, needed to be addressed regardless. 
  Fearghus said below, "The emails directed to our seneschal and myself as an autocrat, I believe, were done so due to personal issues that have no place on this public forum."
  He believes the message I posted inadvertently was due to personal issues or probably about himself personally.  As I stated above they were NOT.  
  Any Elfsea Event is not about the personal Celestial or the personal Steward, it is about us as a group, about us as a Barony, about us as a Kingdom and about us having fun.  It's about understanding, education and communication.  
  The web site is the most important way for us as a group to communicate to the Kingdom about our event and the way for us to attract the most people across our gate and be successful.  There is no such thing as too much information on a web site about an event.  The people who are reading it will decide what is imoportant for them to know.  It is our job to tell them everything we can so they can make their best educated decision as to attend.  
  I have already recieved one personal email concerning this very same issue and will gladly answer all if you wish me to answer all your questions.
  WESLEY DUKE <wesley_duke at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
    I as one of the autocrats for Elfsea Defender apologize for the recent
emails that have become public. The emails directed to our seneschal and
myself as an autocrat, I believe, were done so due to personal issues that have no place on this public forum. The problems that I have been having with my ex-wife, should not reflect on Elfsea Defender or the abilities of our Seneschal or Elfsea as a group. We are working hard to make this event a success. I do agree that some of the issues brought up on the list are valid and have been answered on the updated website that will be available sometime today. I am sorry though, that these issues were brought to light in the way that they were.

Please, if you have any future questions or concerns call or email me directly. Any emails directed at myself or to our seneschal (publicly) from my ex-wife, should be taken in context of our situation. Again, I apologize for making this personal problem public. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.
  In service to Kingdom and Barony,
  HL Fearghus Mckenna
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