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David Ruff davidsbox01 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 22 18:43:34 PDT 2006

Greetings unto the good baronies of Steppes and Elfsea. 
  I was taking to a friend the other day as we are building a longbow for him to shoot at some of the events to come and the question came up as to how many archers are at events and the rules ect. It got me to thinking about people in the area and ways to offer assistance to new archers as i am able. 
  So with that in mind i would like to offer a period of time - say 2 months in which people can come up here (denton) on the weekends and build thier very own bow. This will include self bows (made from a single stave of wood) if so inclined. We can use my sources/vendors (currently Bingham) to get the materials to produce a solid and professional looking bow. I offer this to new archers as the goal is to promote more interest and in my opinion the coolest thing in the world is to create your own gear and shoot it. Everything will be at cost, i ask that the builders do donate a small fee to replace blades and such in the shop. A typical laminate bow can be made start to finish in about 15 working hours after it has cured. This will include, longbows, recurve and selfbows. The other types of bows - takedowns and reflex/deflex bows will not be included in this offer. 
  It would be expected that the builder is the one to do thier own work with guidance from me to build a successful bow. I will supply the plans, experiance, jigs, tools and such. 
  We will also "shoot shafts" (make arrow shafting) and /make/match arrows to the bow. We have a range on site to tune the new gear. 
  This is not an offer to build the bow for the archer. 
  Anyone interested may contact me off list at davidsbox01 at yahoo.com or by phone at 940-231-1719
  Thank you for the list usage and time. 
  Best wishes,
  Ulrich Von Carolingia

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