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Wed Aug 23 09:56:55 PDT 2006

  Good Gentals;
  Elfsea Defender is just a few weeks away.  Lord and Lady Elfsea are looking for Thier new Defender champions.  Crown Tourny is the next weekend after Defender.  So all fighters gear up and stand ready. Raiper fighters sharpen your blades. Archers ready your bows and sharpen your arrows.
  Elfsea is making it possable for our youth to compete this year there will be boffer, raiper, archery and A&S.  Our youth is our future to our Kingdom, so lets all step up and support our youth.
  Meyers Park is a new & primitive site.  It is a dry site, water is limited so you may want to bring water.  The water is potable. Electricity is mainly for medical uses first.
  If we all work togeather we can make this site and Elfsea Defender a Grand Event.
  So we would ask every one to step up and voulenteer where needed.
  If any one has any questions or concerns please contact the autocrats or the Senachal. 
  In Service to the Kingdom and the Barony of Elfsea.
  Lady Tereysa di Sorrano
  HL Fearghus MacKenna                          Lady Tereysa di Sorrano
  Wes Duke                                            Edna Wilson
  wesley_duke at sbcglobal.net                    dalscowgrl56 at hotmail.com
  817-269-5348                                       817-240-3165

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