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Carolle M. Cox hpockets at verizon.net
Wed Aug 23 15:03:10 PDT 2006

We'd love to go with you, too!!


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Alrighty folks. Our good Baron talked about going on a bus trip for a few 
events. Laurels Prize and Lions. This email from Ameline is about the trip 
to Laurel's prize tourney.

The price is totally worth the trip! :)

So think about it, plan, let's all go on a trip on this 'Medieval Bus'. :)


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> Greeting to you all, from Ameline DuBois,
>  I am looking to make the journey to Laurel's Prize and I thought I 
> would see if others wish to ride with me. As Dame Clara pointed out 
> Laurel's Prize Tourney only happens every two years. It would be a 
> great opportunity to learn from and talk with others in your field, or 
> just get out of the house and have fun with friends. I would like to 
> leave the driving to others and visit with friends, so I am asking if 
> there are 30 or 40 others who would like to go with me. We would leave 
> from Dallas 6:00pm then Fort Worth 7:00pm and could stop along the way 
> to pick up others.... say in Waco or Austin. Stay over night in San 
> Antonio 12:00am at a Days Inn eat their continental breakfast, get to 
> the sight around 9:00 or 10:00 am. Times are *very* tentative.... The 
> bus has compartments in the bottom to put your A&S entries so you can 
> display all your things for the event. Enjoy a day of fun and go home 
> that night after the event. The cost of this trip would be $55 per 
> person for the bus and $14 per person for 4 people to a room, or $28 
> per person for 2 to a room.
> Time is short, think about it will be fun!!! Call or email me 
> privately to see if we have enough people:
> Ameline at generich.com
> 1-817-447-3636
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