[Elfsea] One Final Sale o' Stuff

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Fri Aug 25 05:45:08 PDT 2006

The last time I had a garage sale, someone asked if I were moving because I
keep having them.  I said no, I just had accumulated Too Much Stuff over
eight years of inertia and needed to thin the herd.

This time, I *am* moving, so if you think the old sales were big.....

Again, there is yarn and fleece, fabric and trim (I thought I'd sent it all
to Pennsic, but apparently not), and all other kinds of stuff.  Also the
furniture, a big TV, a VCR, appliances, housewares, bedding and towels, and
the kinds of things you get rid of in a moving sale.  Toolboxes, toys, a
Weber grill (with charcoal, since I haven't been able to grill for most of
the summer), a quilting hoop, Nordic Trak, lots of plastic storage bins. 
LOTS of bookshelves; I think the new house has built-ins in two rooms!

I also have a decorative axe and wall gonne (working model, you need to
cast your own shot).  I am probably going to send these to Pennsic next
year to get a reasonable price, but if anybody is interested let me know. 
They will not be out in the sale for safety reasons, you have to arrange to
see them.  I have a poster of weaponry if you know a kid who might like it,
framed, just doesn't fit the rest of my decor anymore.

I am also selling most, although not all, of my collection of figurines of
dragons and wizards.  There is an oil lamp, a pin, and the rest are just

The sale is Saturday, September 2nd (next weekend) starting at 8:00am,
going to about 2:00pm.  Address is 4009 Christopher Way, Plano, which is
just off Coit and south of Hedgcoxe, north of Legacy.

                       ---= Margo Lynn (f/k/a "little Morgan")

PS:  For those of the fibery persuasion, Knit Out & Crochet Too is on
September 16th:
PPS: If you need something interesting to do on Saturday night: 

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