[Elfsea] Helpful suggestion to engage newcomers

Chris Harper bice.pietro at charter.net
Sat Aug 26 17:42:48 PDT 2006

What a great idea!  I love it and will be in search of a box or something 
Thanks for sharing,


At 05:01 PM 8/26/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>Greetings Dear Friends,
>I am forwarding a message that appeared recently on the Grand Council list
>where we are discussing ways the Board of Directors might encourage
>membership. I think many groups, hospitalers, autocrats, etc, might benefit
>from this simple idea.
>In the service of kingdom and crown, I remain,
>Baron Armand Dragonetti
>Grand Councellor
>Appointed from Ansteorra
> > To: Grand Council Mailing List
> > Subject: Re: [scagc-l] Membership discussion
> >
> > I found a great looking old box at Hobby Lobby. It was about
> > 15" X 15"
> > by 8" deep, and it had ten drawers. When I first got to an
> > event I'd hunt down "hats" and Peers and get them to cough
> > up, er, donate a token or favor or bauble or something, and I
> > put one item in each drawer. Then I went on a newcomer hunt,
> > asking EVERYBODY if they'd seen any first timers. Upon
> > finding my quarry, I'd ask them to pick a drawer, any drawer
> > (always making sure that each drawer was stocked with a
> > favor). I told the new person that what they had was a gift
> > freely given to them from someone at this event. Since we are
> > a society of honor, the only proper thing to do was to thank
> > the donor. Sadly, I'm an old man and don't recall just which
> > person gave that gift, so you must approach everyone you
> > meet, introduce yourself, and ask if they are the original
> > owner of the favor. Heh.
> >
> > It was the most amazing ice breaker, and gave each new person
> > a hand held reason to talk to anyone they fancied. I haven't
> > done this in years, and suddenly wonder why.
> >
> > Fiskr, going off to search the garage for the old box...

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