[Elfsea] Lost Bag

Nancy Chevalier chevalier8278 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 14:23:38 PDT 2006

Greetings all.  

I know it was some time ago, but I believe that I may
have left a bag at the Highland Games held the first
weekend in June in Arlington.

It was a red cavas toiletry bag, about 15"X6"x12". It
was my first aid kit, so it was filled with many first
aid things including, but not limited to, my
purply-pink stethascope, band aides,advil, knockoff
tums, bandages,gloves, and BP cuff.  

It may have accidentally been left in the pavillion
used to stash fighting gear.  

In any case, if you have an extra red bag in your
possesion, please check to see if it is a first aid
kit that does not belong to you.  My expired CPR/First
Aide cards are in a white envelope in the large front
pouch bearing the name Nancy Chevalier.

If you find it please e-mail me and let me know.  
(honestly you can keep the rest of the stuff, but I
realy, realy want my stethescope that has been with me
for more than 11 years.)

Thanks for your help,
Aurelia Yverneau 

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