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Date: October 21st, Noon to 5:00 pm (Its a Saturday)
This is what we need in order to do this demo. I have a few volunteers but not nearly enough. I have two weeks in order to get back with the Library to tell them whether or not we can do this demo. I realize that it is the same weekend as another very popular event and we have another demo the weekend before. However, if there is interest and the volunteers for the Arlington Library demo than we will do it, if not, than we will not do the demo this year, or any other year.
Please email me by September 7th to let me know if you can commit to this event. I need the following...
A&S organizer: This person will organize the exhibitors before and during the demo.
I hope to have at least 3 exhibitors.
Children's Activities organizer: They should come up with 2 to 3 activities for children to do and arrange for one other person to help them.
Rapier Marshall: Self explanatory, but they should also be able to entertain and educate the crowd. I would like for the Rapier Marshall to arrange for at least two if not four fighters. The Marshall should not be one of the fighters. They should also prepare a little tutorial of the different aspects of Rapier and the equipment required.
Chivalric Marshall: Self explanatory, but they should also be able to entertain and educate the crowd. They need to arrange for at least four fighters to demonstrate. It would also be nice to have one class where the visitors can learn the different parts of the armour and basically what we do.
Waterbearer's. I have a WIC, but we need volunteers to help her. If you attend the event and are not currently helping out elsewhere, you will be volunteered to help the waterbearer.
I hope that we can get the help we need to put this event on and make it a success. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.
In Service of the Barony of Elfsea
Giliana Launceleyn 
foofurjlr at aim.com
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