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Forwarded on behalf of Master Airaklee Wolf. 
 Good Greetings to All

          I, Master Airaklee Wolf greet you with words of joy and
hardship. The joy I speak of, is this, my most beautiful and beloved wife Baroness Ceinwen who was kidnapped some time ago has been seen recently in the Western Region !!. My heart sings just at the thought of her radiant blue eyes and swan soft skin.
          The hardship that I speak of consist of danger and peril.
The evil Widow Ruspoli holds my dear beautiful wife in hidden captivity. My heart quails at the thought of what torture may have befallen my fair Ceinwen. Word has also reached me that the Widow Ruspoli has aquired a large horde of viscious warriors, ethier by coin or by guile.
        I intend march to the western region by myself if
necessary, anyone who can follow my hasten footsteps I would welcome your company and call you friend.I would ask that you come and stand with me in my hour of need. I seek those who are brave and look to things higher than what this earth can yield, I look for warriors of honor !
 The Sun sheds no warmth on me. Food is tastless. Sleep is no longer refreshing.The only thing that abides in my heart now is wrath !! Good my brothers and sisters, should I fall in this quest for my love I would count it as a blessing,for you see in many ways I am already dead. I have been 
deprived of the love of my life. I have been deprived of my wife. I have been deprieved of Ceinwen !! I can only hope that she is still alive .If her passing has already occurred at the hands of the Widow Ruspoli then I will be happy to join her soon.
        At Gothic War many accounts will be settled, debts will be paid, and the Widow Ruspoli shall rest in pieces.

        The Wolf goes to WAR !!  Come my friends let Honor and Justice Prevail.

   For Ceinwen

Your eyes sparkle
Your smiles dance
You make my heart strong, in romance

Light as a swan's feather
My burden you bear
You shield my heart from all care

With out you here I would have no hope
Answer you are to a prayer spoke
You are so much more than I could have hoped

I am shielded by swan's feathers you see
They keep my heart's fire burning in me
Cold winters night canl not prevail on me

A cold heart is banished from the wolf
By the grace of the swan from our father above
I now leave in peace like the dove

Bantiarna Colleen O'Kelly
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