[Elfsea] September Tidings Article

Genna gennac at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 17:12:34 PDT 2006

De to a minor printing snafu, half of my September article was omitted
from the September Tidings. In case you wanted to read the rest, here
it is. If not, carry on!

Unto the Happy Populace of Elfsea,

I have made several sacrifices to the gods requesting rain and cooler
temperatures but so far it has been to no avail....  I know my friends
in the rapier community, you are suffering. With temperatures such as
issue from the mouth of the dragon himself, it has not been a wise
thing to don many layers of fabric, gloves, hood and mask and exert
ones self unto exhaustion. My dear friend and wise woman, Countess
Allyson, has warn'd me thus not to allow my charges such suffering. As
such, I would ask that all who CHOOSE to practice, please hydrate
thyselves often and much. Take numerous breaks and stay in shade
during such. Consider linen armour. Consider staying home and drilling
in front of thy looking glass. As marshal, your health and safety are
my main concern, dear friends.

It has come to my attention that the unofficial gathering held at
Bedford Boys Ranch has gained in popularity and attendance. Our
Chivalric Brethren have motioned to make this practice an official one
so that it may be advertised widely and so that baronial gear may be
made available to newcomers. I can attest that I have been attending
this practice for almost three years now and attendance is at an
all-time high. I am inclined to support the motion and assist in
making this happen. There are several reasons that cause me to support
this move not the least of which being location, weather and number of

The additional decision to be made as well, is whether to make
Sunday's practice Unofficial. I know this has been Elfsea's
traditional time and place for fighter practice. However, for the
betterment of a community, change is often necessary. I take into
account -again- location, weather and number of fighters. I also take
into account the convenience of the Marshals who must be in
attendance. While folks would still be able to go out on Sundays and
fight at will, the only change would be lack of advertisement and
marshals/waivers/loaner gear.   As a positive example, I hold forth
our neighbors, The Steppes, who have a very successful Tuesday night
Rapier practice. However, I would like feedback from the populace on
this action. Please feel free to contact me at gennac at gmail.com with
your opinion as I will take all under advisement. .
I would also like to thank HE Crandall, our Phavorite Phoole, for
volunteering to assist me as Deputy Rapier Marshal. Please afford him
the respect and courtesies you do me. Additionally, Lady Jocelyn is
not a Deputy (yet) but an authorized marshal and has stepped in a
couple of times in my absence. She is much appreciated.

For those of you going to Gothic War- Fight Bravely, Fight With Honor,
and the Glory Shall be Thine!

Ever in Service,
Lady Genna
Elfsea Rapier Marshal

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