[Elfsea] Evil Camp Mom Strikes Again!!

Betsy Marshall betsy at softwareinnovation.com
Fri Feb 3 20:53:58 PST 2006

Now that everybody is pre-registered for the war, I can start the
allotment/layout process- Bwahh-ha-ha


Your (mostly) friendly 
 Elfsea (at Gulf Wars) Land Coordinator here, 
  I need all of those going to Gulf Wars to please provide me with the
following info when it is available:
  1. Now, you have pre-registered (you did, didn't you?)send me your mundane
and SCA name.
  2. If you are taking family members, please give me their mundane and SCA
  3. The size (footprint) of your tent and other day pavilion you plan to
set up in camp.
  4. Only people who (when pre-registering) put Elfsea as group camping with
will be able to camp with us. 
  Providing this information is important to the amount of land we will be
granted. Please be as accurate as possible and feel free to email me with
any questions that you may have.
  Thank you,
Pyro; Evil camp mom (by appt of Her Excellency)

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