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Mon Feb 6 05:56:45 PST 2006

Two Days of study on Royal Armouries RA MS I.33
Dr. Robert Holland of the Schola Saint George
Feb. 11th – 12th, 2006, DFW Texas

With the publication of Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng's book The Medieval Art
of Swordsmanship (http://www.revival.us/index.asp?
PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=98), many students of medieval combat,
fencing and Asian martial arts became fascinated with sword and
buckler. But the text is complex, and the figures difficult to

But I.33 is an extremely interesting text; it seems to be intended
for civilian self-defense, but may have military roots (many of the
positions or wards can be found in contemporary manuscript
illuminations). It is also the only text that pictures a woman, the
enigmatic Walpurgis. But the system is a self-contained, effective
approach to defense with a sword and buckler that can be used with
blistering efficiency as a tournament form or as a martial art.

Dr. Robert Holland, Principale of the SF branch of the Schola Saint
George (http://www.scholasaintgeorge.org), has been working on the
system since before the publication of Dr. Forgeng's fine book,
distilling the principles into core ideas combined with drills and
exercises designed to help combatants understand the treatise and
integrate the key principles into their fight.

Dr. Holland, known in the SCA as Viscount Sir Robert of Woodsend
(West Kingdom), has been a well-known combatant and highly respected
teacher for many years. His teaching style is open and effective,
combining solid kinesthetics with a razor-sharp understanding of the
treatise. Students should come away from the seminar with practical
skills they can apply to their art and an appreciation for the depth
of the manuscript's approach.

In addition to the drills, students will have the opportunity to
spar and to work with Schola instructors.

Students should bring a single-handed sword, shinai, buckler,
gambeson (or equivalent), gorget, gloves or light gauntlets, and a
fencing mask or light helmet. Medieval shoes are recommended but not
required. Students should also bring snacks and are advised to bring
drinks as well.

More information can be found on the Schola website,
http://www.scholasaintgeorge.org. For advance tickets, purchase


or call Brian R. Price at 708-434-1251. Limited crash space is
available, contact Brian at chronique_editor at yahoo.com for more

Briarwood Retreat, 670 Copper Canyon Road, Argyle, TX (North DFW)
Fees: $25 Schola members; $40 non-members. $50 at the door. Saturday
lunch, $8
Bucklers & Shinai based weapons will be available for purchase.

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