[Elfsea] Galen's car (was: Coronation)

Beth Zimmerman bethzimm at swbell.net
Tue Feb 7 07:48:06 PST 2006

I was thinking the same thing.  Had to take a look at the kids.  They are
beautiful, as is their mother.





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To heck with the car pictures, back up a few frames and take a look.  Good
Lord how those kids are growing...





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Crandal wrote:
> I am wondering if he got a red one, so he can find it easier when digging
down in the snow drifts.

Of course I did!  And Caelin, it's much nicer than the $100 Honda it

Here it is, in the snow:

.src=ph> &.dnm=3366.jpg&.src=ph

- Galen

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