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Hello All. I am sorry for the Off Topic Advertisement. 
Nolen and I are once again expanding our services in House Cleaning. As some of you may know we clean houses in our spare time. Some of our clients are in the SCA as well. I will be returning to School this summer in order to work toward a Doctorate in Anthropology. Due to this change of events, we have decided to expand the services we offer in order to allow me to leave my full time position and focus on school.
Below I have included our cost for cleaning and other services. If you would like a consultation please email me or Nolen privately and we can schedule something. 
Jennifer and Nolen Dale (Giliana and Richard)
Basic Services offered: includes 5 rooms (may include bedrooms or other living spaces) plus kitchen and 2 bathrooms  
Every two weeks or twice a month$75.00 
Deep "Spring" Cleaning$200.00 
What's included in basic service?  
(We supply all cleaning supplies except for vacuum)  
Dust all solid surfaces  
Vacuum all floors  
Mop up to three rooms (Kitchen and two baths)  
Dis-infect solid surfaces in Bathrooms and Kitchen  
Empty all trash (to be collected and placed where owner wishes)  
No matter what the occurrence of cleaning we perform, we will do the following once a month. (Thus the reason for a slightly higher price on less frequent services.) Inside of windows and window sills; dust light bulbs and lamps; cleaning of ceiling fans; inside of oven; baseboards; moving of some furniture to vacuum/mop under; vacuuming of couches, chairs, etc.  
Note: We tidy up but do not do major clean-up of clutter. We will work around most clutter unless it is obvious to us where it goes. Other items will be placed in a central location or basket for the home owner to sort through. Anything that is obvious garbage (i.e. food wrappers, empty cans) will be thrown out unless owner informs us not to.  
Additional ChargesTraditional Charges 
If you have more rooms than those listed in basic package we will discuss with the homeowner a satisfactory per room price for any additional rooms.$5.00 for full bath  $2.50 for 1/2 bath  $5.00 other 
Hard floor surfaces (*3 rooms (two baths, kitchen) included in initial charge)$2.50 to $5.00per room
Dishes (we will do a few dishes here and there for no charge, but if it becomes a major task we will start to charge. The issue will be discussed with the homeowner prior to any charges being accrued.)$5.00 to $10.00based on time spent
Basic carpet cleaning (We clean around heavy furniture and under light movable furniture. It is only meant to refresh the carpet but does not replace professional carpet cleaning services.)$8.00per room
Pre or Post-Party touch up (only focuses on two to three rooms that will be used during party.)$45.00 
Additional Services Offered outside of traditional cleaning  
Pet Sitting: am/pm feeding. Daily walks.$15.00per day
House Sitting: Water plants, mail retrieval, paper pickup.$10.00per day
Organization Help: We take a room or garage and transform it into a room that fulfills it's desired purposes.$50.00 first hour $15.00 per add't. hr.per room, plus materials. Avg time 10 hrs

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