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Ameline is taking care of it, but thanks for staying on top of it. If he
does call you back, tell him that Amy is still working on it, and to contact
her for any additional information he needs.

 You know that area under the tree where Amtgard practices down the hill?
Apparently either the Parks department or a volunteer group did a large
planting in that area a little while back. (I remember seeing that area
barracaded off with the plastic orage construction fencing)

Well, the parks system had received a complaint of people fighting on the
new plantings. It was explained to Jay that Elfsea fights at the top of the
hill, and that area is where Amtgard fights, and Baroness Ameline is
tracking down contact info for their group on his behalf.

Actually, we are scoring brownie points right now with Jay, as we are going
out of our way to help him resolve this complaint.

On 2/9/06, Genna <gennac at gmail.com> wrote:
> I had a voicemail from him and called him back this morning but he was not
> in so I had to leave a message. Phone tag- he is it....
> Genna
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