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My sincere sympathy for you and your family.  I will keep you all in my


Lady Afrena u'Dunlainghe



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Please pardon the bandwidth, but I felt this needed to heard by many who
know and love my children, Diane and Ryan....



For those who are close to me, you know my ex-husband has caused a great
deal of problems for myself, Diane and Ryan.  Yesterday, my ex killed
himself.  We only found out just today ourselves.


I only post this to let everyone know that Diane and Ryan are going to
affected by these turn of events.  Already, Ryan is embarrassed and doesn't
want others to know (I have discussed this with him).  The children are
still in shock and though I had a love/hate relationship with him, I will
miss him dearly and mourn his loss.  I know we are going to have many trying
days ahead as Diane and Ryan work through this.  


Please keep Diane and Ryan in your prayers.....



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