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As many of you know, Mistress Kalida is, at this moment, undergoing
surgery at Zale Lipshy Hospital in Dallas.  Please keep her and Sir
Thorkel in your thoughts.  As of just a few moments ago, the surgery was
going well, and Thorkel estimated from the doctor's update that it would
probably take an additional 45 minutes to an hour.  She will not have a
room number assigned until she is released from the post-op recovery
room, and as soon as I know what that information is, I will post it on
the lists.  
Barring any complications, she is expected to remain in the hospital for
4-5 days, but will be recovering for several months at home.  From my
own experience with this type of surgery, it will be quite a while
before she is back to normal. With the current weather predictions, and
knowing how I felt after a similar type of surgery, visits to the
hospital this weekend should be kept very short or postponed until she
is home when I'm sure she will enjoy them more!
HL Saqra
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