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What do people think?  Ray is the man in charge of the Scottish Highland
Games, and I think it says something about how we appear when he thinks of
us for this.  I'd like to be able to give him an idea about this next week
early if possible.
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This is in Arlington.  Any SCA help available?


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Good talking to you Ray! Glad to hear things are going well. 
I am trying to find some entertainment for our Castle theme picnic. The
principal and vice principal are dressing up as the king and queen. I'm not
too concerned about which country we represent. Scottish could work! They
have great castles! I found out recently, my family has Scottish/Irish blood
on my mother's side (Tarrant). Would that qualify me for some tickets to the
Texas Scottish Festival to give away at our picnic. (can't blame me for
trying!) I am looking for knights, maybe joisting, herding dogs might be
interesting for the kids to watch. I'm open if anyone is looking for a small
gig! Entertainment would only need to be for an hour or hour & half. We
typically start our picnic at 6:00 and it will last till 8:30 so we are
looking at a 6:30-7:30 time frame give or take and can be flexible if
necessary to accommodate schedules. We do have some funds so I can pay
something for their time. Joisting would be great, bagpipes would be great,
jugglers, or any other entertainment geared around castles. 
Thanks for your help! Please pass this on to anyone whom you think my be
Take care,

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