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Congratulations to the following artists who were chosen to represent 
Ansteorra at Gulf Wars XV.  These 5 Champions and 15 display artists will be

showing or performing their work on Friday of the war. 

Our five Champions are:
Clara von Ulm-Banquet for Counts and Lords

Ameline DuBois-Viking cloth and apron-- Our baroness!! Huzzah!

Fridhur Haralds-Tudor embroidered satin bookbinding
Ciard nic Ruadhan O'Seachnasaigh-embroidered Ansteorran royalty list
Vincenzo Cellini-13th century Rosary 

Our ten display artist are:
Fionna ni Cheallaigh-Anglo-Saxon tablet woven trim
Colin Severne-tablet woven medallion ribbon
Prudence the Curious-Buratto Lacis unicorns
Rhiannon Redwulf-Book bound from 1492 example
Rhiannon Redwulf-Caedmon's Hymm (performance)
Oriana della Francesca-Maciejowski-style folio (illumination)
Magdalena da Cadamosto-white puddings
Lyonette van Leyden-wood block carving for printing
Serafina de Gratia-playing cards
Daire de Haya-shoe 

Our alternate is Detlef von Margurg-Echoes of Old English Orality (research 

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather this weekend.  It was a great 
event with wonderful entries.  Safe travels to all, I look forward to seeing

you at Gulf Wars.
In Service,
Mistress Ariella d'Aille
Gulf Wars A&S Coordinator
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