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Today is both a good and bad day, according to her mom. If any of you
have had abdominal surgery, you'll know what I mean when I say that it
is good when things start to work again, but bad in that it hurts a LOT!
Well, that's Kalida's day, today.  If you were planning on visiting
tonight, PLEASE CALL AHEAD to make sure she's feeling up to company and
don't be surprised if she's not.  A phone call instead, or postponing a
visit until she's home and a bit more comfortable might be advisable.  
We are still hoping that she will be going home around Thursday, but
that remains to be decided by the doctors.  And she's not totally out of
the woods yet, as abdominal surgery on the intestines or colon is a
tricky business, so don't forget to send those positive thoughts and
prayers her way.  She is SO very appreciative of all the emails and well
wishes (I've printed them all out for her, and updated her daily on who
has sent messages). 
HL Saqra
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