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You'll be happy to know this will probably be the last post I need to
make.  Kalida is home, and, in her words, "not feeling like death warmed
over" any more.  She is obviously still not fully recovered, but she is
on the mend!  She can take short phone calls (just be careful of the
time you call and how long you keep her on), and may be up to short
visits later in the weekend (obviously, call first).
Thank you all for the emails.  Rest assured I have passed along all your
good wishes and prayers to her, and she is very appreciative.  Thorkel
is setting up a way for her to access the internet from her chair,
hopefully today, so you can start sending your emails and best wishes to
her directly.  Use her potter at pegasuspottery.com address, and she'll be
sure to get them.  
I wish to express my personal appreciation to everyone that has written
or called.  Your good wishes and prayers have reminded me again that the
SCA is a family -- one that may squabble now and again, or not always
agree, but that pulls together when it counts.
HL Saqra
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