[Elfsea] historic textile and fiber exhibit starting this weekend

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Holy cow!!!! Doc. Barber is great! I plan on going, anybody else?

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For some of you interested in historic textiles and fiber, there's an 
interesting exhibit starting along with some events this weekend.  It's
the Crow Collection of Asian Art and is a special exhibition called
Threads, Newly Woven: Recent Art from China's Silk Road."

A couple of items of particular interest is a lecture this Saturday 
afternoon by Dr. Elizabeth Barber who is an archeologist that
specializes in 
textiles and is the author of the 20,000 Years of Women's Work book and
Mummies of Urumchi book (analysing the textiles of the 2000 year old 
Caucasoid mummies found along the Silk Road).  That's from 2-3:00pm,
lecture (see website for details).

Also, Michael Cook (aka Master Collin) will have his silk reeling demo
for the better part of the day, and that's extremely interesting if
never seen it before.  He usually has some nice samples of his silk
and weaving as well.

Plus it sounds like they're going to have a hands-on tactile exhibit
textiles of Asia.

Anyway, if you're into textiles, sounds like a really neat exhibit.
I've included the information that was forwarded to another textile list
on, and at the bottom is a link to the website.

Grainne Finneadan


The Crow Collection is planning an entire days exposition around
fabric of the Silk Road

You might have seen Elizabeth on television or heard her on the
radio. When I saw her speak at the DMA several years ago and also at
SMU to the Archeological Institute of America- DFW meeting. [snip]
I missed her talk last year when she appeared at
Channel 13 studios to discuss her book about myths. It is not
uncommon for her to take time out after her lectures to personalize
books brought to her by her avid readers.

Dr. Barber is professor of Archaeology and Linguistics at Occidental
College in Los Angeles, CA.. She is a life long weaver/knitter and
applies this passion to her pursuits of archeology and linguistic
study. Please, DO NOT miss this opportunity to see her in person.
She usually passes around the room ancient samples of textile
artifacts in order for her audience to gain greater appreciation for
her topic.

You might have heard of one of her books, "WOMEN'S WORK... The First
20,000 Years" where she finds common ground with modern and ancient
textile styles and customs. Please see the entire days schedule by
clicking the link below. The folks at the Crow Collection are
planning an entire day's exposition around fabric of the Silk Road.
Here is a fantastic opportunity to make a day of all the activities
planned at the Crow Collection that day.


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