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Genna gennac at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 07:22:59 PST 2006

Happy New Year All- hope your holiday was a happy one!

This is a reminder that we are booking crash space for Queens Champion
Tourney at the end of this month. Please see the original message below:

IF you have space to accommodate overnight guests and will NOT be personally
making plans with out-of-town friends (which I also encourage), please reply
privately with the following information:

   - Your Name (Society & Mundane)
   - Your address & phone number
   - Dates you can accommodate overnight guests (ex, Just Saturday, 28th
   or Both Fri & Sat, 28th & 29th)
   - Total Number of Guests you can house
   - Whether or not your home can accommodate children
   - Do you have pets? What kind? (some guests may have allergies)
   - Will you accommodate smokers? Are you a smoker?
   - How early/late may your guests arrive? (some may be making 5-8 hour
   drives at night)
   - How early/late do you expect your guests to depart?
   - What type of space do you have available? (floor, air mattress,
   beds, couch, etc)
   - What information would you like released to guests in order for them
   to contact you?

Once I have a list of hosts/hostesses, I will ask out-of-towners needing
space to contact me with their needs.

Then I will try to find the best match from the list of hosts/hostesses.

I will then contact the host/hostess and ask if the traveller in question is
a suitable match.

Upon acceptance, I will give each the other's information, put the two in
contact with each other & let them communicate details from there.

Prior to the event I'll send reminders to all & make sure everyone's plans
are well in-hand.

Your assistance in making this part of Queen's run smoothly is greatly
appreciated, not just by the autocrats but by all folks attending. Thank you
for your time and attention and I look forward to hearing from our good

In Service,
Lady Genna
Co-Autocrat for HRH Valeria's Queens Champion Tournament
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