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  I work evenings, but as I have armour it is not a drastic thing. I just wanted the information. And I have a good size piece of heavy linen canvas. It is printed, but could still be used as the inner layer. 
  Plus I have lots of heavy white paper that could be used for pattern making. If you want it I can get it to you through someone going to the class. 
  Crandall, Olde Tailor 

Genna <gennac at gmail.com> wrote:

The new date for the rapier armour tunic class will be Tuesday, Jan
10th from 7 pm to 9 pm .

Original info for the class is as follows:

It will be a simple, tunic-style pattern so even if you are new to
sewing, you can still manage it fairly easily.

Please bring some sort of tracing paper for copying patterns. Kraft
paper, butcher paper, seamstress tracing paper and even solid colored
junk fabric will all work for this. Make sure you have large enough
pieces as the sleeve pattern pieces are pretty wide.

It will also help to have the measurements of the person(s) for whom
you are making the shirt(s).

Class will be in my home in Bedford. Please RSVP to gennac at gmail.com
for directions.

In Service,

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