[Elfsea] 12 Th Night tables

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I am somewhat disappointed in the lack of communication to the lady at this
late hour. 


In Service,

David ben Leon, Autocrat


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Saving a table would not be difficult for our Sister Barony if her Baroness
would advise me how large it should be.  I've not finished the 'map' of
reserved tables yet.......



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Greetings to you all,


 We hope all had a great Yule Season, and we look to see many of you at
Steppes 12th night. Elfsea is to have a table and I can not remember who
offered to save the tables early in the day. Could you refresh my memory? I
would also like to know who might be sitting at the Elfsea table. If you
wish to sit with households, or friends you do not see as often that is
understandable. To reserve enough seats please post to me, or the list if
you wish to sit at the Elfsea table. We look to see you all soon over the
next few events.


Take care and be happy,

Ameline DuBois


Ameline at generich.com 

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