[Elfsea] 12 Th Night tables

Ameline DuBois Ameline at generich.com
Thu Jan 5 22:49:50 PST 2006

Thank you for your service, milord autocrat. I am sorry for your
disappointment. Our lack of communication stems from only recently
learning of the need to make advance table reservations. In the past, we
have observed groups of friends obtaining tables for each other on a
first come, first served basis, and were not aware that a new method was
being implemented this year. Many in Elfsea have enjoyed busy holiday
schedules and Lady Gerita's post came when we were only beginning to
discuss coordinating our presence at 12th Night on our local list
earlier this week.


As of 11pm Thursday, we have the following list of names who would like
to sit together:


HL Crandal

HL Medb & Centurion Daire and daughter

HL Rixende (& we suspect Centurion Tomas)



Lady Tereysa



Master Richard

Lady Gilianna

Arcus Fearghus

HL Daniel, HL Siobhan and daughter Whitney

and Baron Armand & myself, Baroness Ameline and our two boys.

These have responded to us or had another request to us on their behalf.


We also anticipate:

Mistress Stella

Lady Alexandra & Martino

Lady Elizabeth Pendarvis & Lord Caius Brittanicus

Lady Genna

Don Valentyn & his lady

Elspeth and Gearhardt and their children

Lady Deores

Lord Daniel & Lady Jocelyn

HL Caelin and Lady Ker Megan

And hopefully many more. 


My apologies to those I did not mention by name, I would love to list
the entire populace of Elfsea, but this is not likely to serve Lady
Gerita's purpose.


So, in all we have 21 confirmed but can easily see a need for 36 + a few
more for newcomers and last minute invitations.


Has all of Ansteorra's groups made such requests? We suspect it will be
difficult for most (large) groups to so, but wish you well in the


We must have missed the request for advance table reservations in the
event's advertisements. Our invitation made no mention of this either,
that we could ascertain. 


I hope you will accept my sincere apology on behalf of Elfsea. The lack
of communication was not meant as a slight to Lady Gerita or any
disrespect to Steppes. Gerita is a great lady whom I count as a friend,
if I have mistepped, and made her job harder I will work to repair the
damage if I can. 


Ameline DuBois

Baroness of Elfsea 

Steppes Artisan


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I am somewhat disappointed in the lack of communication to the lady at
this late hour. 


In Service,

David ben Leon, Autocrat



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