[Elfsea] 12th night...Kings and Queens and Nobles...O my!

Randall Mars rosmerryn at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 5 22:56:02 PST 2006

Lucianna and I plan on being there early. We are leaving GP around 0730 thus our ETA should be around 0900. If places need to be saved for Elfsea folks I volunteer Luciana to do it...cos she will have LOTS of time to save places and keep hordes of Encroaching Little Mushroom type peeps away......*evil grin*
  Merryn the Evil  
  Addendum: Ahem.  Odds' Bodkins and I' Faith, I will be working my fingers to the bone setting up our table decorations so Lucianna doesn't moan and weep all night about how sad it is that we are eating off cheapo paper plates and drinking out of plastic dixie cups when Everyone Else has Really Nifty stuff and How Come we don't and why didn't I tell her that I needed to bring half of everything I own and put it on the tablecloth!!!???!!!
  *gales of laughter and a wink at Lucianna*
  Rosmerryn Carew de Couercelle

If you raise envy in others, 'tis your own strength at blame...for causing such spite from the weak and the tame.~Jocelyn St.Aubin~
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