[Elfsea] Inman speech at Steppes 12th Night

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MessageMedb and Daire and the bratling are going this year.

Since Daire will still be officially recovering from his shoulder surgury, all of his time will be spent in volunteer hours, as will a good part of mine.

Pre-registration for paper forms ends January 31st (must be postmarked by then) and online registration ends February 14th.

See you there!!!

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  ....right behind you, Crandall!  With Ld. David and Tenchi Sueko-san beside me.  Who else will join us to wind back that volunteer war point??


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    Hello Elfsea, 
    Those of you too new to remember the inspiring speeches that Duke Inman used to do have been playing far too short a time. 
    Last night at the Steppes 12th Night, Duke Inman announced that he was willing to come out of retirement and attend Gulf War to "show us how it is done". 
    While he admitted that his rally cry was not up to the snuf of the Late Sir Ricardo, many in this Kingdom have never heard anything at that level before. 
    I think he even inspired "King Henry" to make the attempt to join with us. 
    Those who need additional ease of registering, I know that the web site is up and on line will happen. And if sending checks, mine was sent in November and cashed just before Christmas. 
    I will be there working for Crown and Kingdom, and I hope to see many friends by my side. 
    This Kingdom is known for our hard work and generosity, and we were asked to pool our resources so that th! ose who have been affected by the current rise in the cost of living seek out those who may have space in vehicles, so that those who are able to take the time to be at the war are. Plus traveling together can be fun, as was shown by the great dual mooning I received one year from the other vehicle in our little caravan. Thanks, Ladies. 

    Crandall, Olde Foole 

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    contentedly, even happily wrong." 
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