[Elfsea] Blade Order - Taking $$

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American Fencers will thread their tangs (6MM, 12-24, whatever) to match
your pommels if you ask them. 


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Greetings All- 

Lord Dirk has been kind enough to speak with Walter at Triplette/Sen
Warrior for us and this is the price he was able to get:

Just talked to Walter at Zen Warrior.

He is out of the 30$ S&M blades till sometime in Feburary....:(

He will discount the extra strong 35 inch blade (40$ each) down to 35$
if I order at least 10.

You can get bare electric sport fencing blades from America Fencers
for 25$ but the threading may be an issue...metric 1/6 with the tang
for French style grip.

As such, we'd like to make a blade order however a few people needing
blades require theirs before Queens, meaning time is of the essence. I
am requesting folks get their money to me (or Lord Dirk) by Thursday at
the latest so he may make the order by the end of the week in order to
secure these prices. We will need a tleast five folks/orders so that we
may take advantage of the $35/each price. 

Please respond at your soonest. 

In Service,
Lady Genna
Elfsea Rapier Marshal

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