[Elfsea] Jan. 17 A&S Night

Deana Covel dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 09:34:47 PST 2006

Hello All,

 Would you like to make regalia for yourself?  Barony?
 Kingdom?  Or just learn something new?
 Lady Aurelia Yverneau, the newest A&S Champion of
Dragonsfire Tor, is teaching a class on Metal Pierce
work. There will be a small fee (under $5.00) to cover
the cost of materials and tools.
 She is bringing paper patterns of common awards in
Ansteorra. But, if you have a small design you would
like to create in metal, please bring it along. (1 in
square or round)
  The Elfsea A&S night is Tuesday, Jan. 17, at Siobhan
& Daniel’s house. Class will begin at 7:30 pm, so
please try to be there on time.

Don’t forget to support the upcoming artisan displays:
Jan. 14: Coronation – Calligraphy & Illumination -
Recent Scrolls by popular vote.
Feb. 3-5: Candlemas Feast – Bryn Gwalad – Arthurian
               A Championship and a popular vote for
Recent Projects.
Feb. 17-19: Kingdom A&S – Crossrode Keep & Bonwicke 
Feb. 24-26: Coastal Invasion – Seawinds/Stonebridge
Keep - Norse Theme 

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or
would like to teach a class, please contact me.

In Service,
Lady Hanna von Dahl
Elfsea Deputy A&S Minister 
dmcovel79 at yahoo.com

Siobhan’s House
8358 Big Horn Way
Fort Worth, TX 76137

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