[Elfsea] Merryn's Sunday's fighter practice

Randall Mars rosmerryn at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 19:29:26 PST 2006

My sincere thanks to the Lords and Ladies who assisted me yesterday during my first-time fighter attempt with the sword and post. A BIG thank you to the estimable Centurion Stella for her personal attentions and assistance and for not once sighing, rolling her eyes or laughing at my efforts. Bless you Stella.
   I purchased suitable gloves today and am preparing to drastically reduce the length of my fingernails before next practice. I began my arm strengthening excercises and *sigh* tossed away the last of my cigarettes today. Tomorrow begins my daily fitness regimen walk-running in the parking lot of my complex. Can't run yet on the bad ankle, but walking is managable. ( ankle feels a lot better today, btw ) Also acquired elbow and knee pads, a small beginning, but each journey begins with the first few steps. Quitting smoking and beginning a Regular excercise program have become my first steps on the road to becoming a fighter our Barony can watch without falling down laughing or hiding their eyes in embarrassment.
  My genuine thanks as well to Don Robin, Lady Genna, Lady Rixende, Lord Tomas, Lucianna, Reynaud Dumont, Giliana Launceleyn, Crandall, Dáire de Haya, Dirk,and the other esteemed Dons, Knights, fighters, and lovely ladies for their inspiration and comments of encouragement to me. Elfsea ROCKS!
  For what it is worth: I sent an e mail to my son John and told him his Mamma is NOT ready to be " the little old lady from Pasadena" and to get over it. Mamma has raised her fist and shouted WAR in response to His Grace Duke Inman's call to Ansteorra.( I suspect he probably knew something similar was going to end up in his In Box today.)
  Merryn....who is only *slightly* sore today...uhh huh...riiiight.    

If you raise envy in others, 'tis your own strength at blame...for causing such spite from the weak and the tame.~Jocelyn St.Aubin~
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