[Elfsea] Medb is gone

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These are the words of Mordock von Rügen, exactly as he said them in his own
language, but written in Änglisch.  The best sacrifice to put down the
draugr is a priest, preferably fat and heavy with gold.  I will raise a horn
to your luck, and will help you for a share in the booty.  These words were
written by me, Ütloki the scribe.

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Or are you thinking this is a Droguur sent for
the soul of our good friend? 
Out from the hill come the Droguur and the soul
of those we love follows it back. 
We must feast by the barrow so that the Droguur
is appeased and takes not our friend from us. 
We must make a sacrifice for the Droguur hunger
is great. 

Crandall, Olde Listener to Skalds 

--- Synrik <synrik at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Druinne de Salesberie . . . . . Was she not the
> one who was Lost at Sea
> off the coast of France under rather suspicious
> circumstances?  Could it
> not be that she has returned for some sort of
> purpose that it not to
> favorable to your house, Dear Sir?  I should
> caution you as to her
> 'sudden appearance' and the 'miraculous
> journeys' that have lead her
> back to your house.  Not that I am of a
> suspicious mind, but better to
> face a troop of Calvary than the smile of a
> beautiful woman.
> Many rumors abound . . . . . . Maybe some have
> a grain of truth.
> ---------------  Gustav Minnesinger
> >
> > Stefen and Rhonda Hays
> <housedragonstar at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >
> >      Greeting friends, it is with sad heart
> that I inform you
> >      that my Lady Wife,
> >      Medb Liath, has lost her fight with a
> wasting disease. If
> >      you saw her at
> >      Steppes Twelfth Night you would have
> seen that she was
> >      barely with us. I am
> >      glad that she was able to have one last
> night with friends
> >      and family.
> >
> >      On a happier note my long lost "First"
> Wife Druinne de
> >      Salesberie has found
> >      her way back to me. She had gone on
> pilgrimage 7 years ago
> >      and was lost, I
> >      had presumed her dead. Now she has found
> her way back to me
> >      on this sad day
> >      to reclaim her lands and her former
> life. And if any of you
> >      tell her about
> >      Medb it will be my life!
> >
> >      Centurion Dáire de Haya
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