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Deb fizzgig1 at charter.net
Wed Jan 11 12:42:01 PST 2006

As a newbie, I just wanted to send my most sincere graditude for my family receiving such a warm welcome from the Barony of Elfsea.  Everyone has been so kind and helpful about helping us "find our footing" not only in this SCA group, but in Texas as well.

My husband, Jared, has been having a marvelous time at fighter practice, and sends out his thanks to those who have been helping him out.  That includes the welcome to join fighter practice, the loaner gear and Mistress Stella's "reminders" of the areas he isn't blocking properly.  He says if you don't come home with dead arms and a few lumps to tell you what to work on, it wasn't a good practice.

I must also thank those of you who have helped make me feel welcome to be involved.  I have had a wonderful time meeting people, and look forward to meeting more of you.  I had a good time at the last moot, and I know a few of you enjoyed passing around my youngest daughter, who was quite content to be held by as many of you that wanted to.  I have also enjoyed the last Middle Eastern Dance classes I have attended.  Thank you, Duchess Willow, for your guidance and patience in the class and topics beyond.  (I send my sincere regret that I do not believe I can attend tonight, as my husband is working)  I had a wonderful time at the Scribes and Illumination Guild Monday night.  I enjoyed meeting more of you, and once again, my thanks to Mistress Stella for her guidance, patience, and willingness to send me home with a scroll to paint, even though it was my first attendance.  (I appreciate that leap of faith!)  Also, my thanks to the Baroness for making sure I knew which house was hers, and making me feel most welcome inside of it.

A huge thanks to Daire de Haya, for his help at the fighter practices; and to Lady Tereysa and Lord Arias for everything you have done.

Thank you again, to everyone, for making us feel so welcome.

Debra Spencer & family (Jared, Samantha and Rowenna)
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