[Elfsea] Fighter Practice

Arias & Tereysa coltjanes at charter.net
Sun Jan 15 09:40:20 PST 2006

Greetings one and all.  My lady and I have survived Coronation, although I believe that I may have more bruises than my lady.  We would like to congradulate Sir John Paul on his skillfull fighting talents to take His Majesty's title of Kings Champion. 

Speaking of talents, I saw and felt so many different styles at Coronation and whole heartedly believe that we, Ansteorans, have got the best fighers in the known world. With this said the only difference between  fighters is the amount of talent they possess.  So with no further adue, and making this posting short, there will be fighter practice today at the usual place at the usual time.

Come on out and develope some talent, for it is practice that will make us Kings and Kings Champions.

Arias Yanes,
Elfsea Knights Marshall

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