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Thanks be to all who helped make Coronation a success. We do not have the final numbers as of yet but is appears that we did very well for the Kingdom and our Barony. It would not have been possible without the help of some dedicated people. Here are but a few of the people who worked their fingers to the bone for the event to be a success. 
Gate - They were worked hard, running out of nearly 300 site tokens by 10am.
Elizabeth Pendarvis who found skilled gate workers to handle the high paced stress of such a busy gate. She has already posted who her diligent workers were and I thank each and every one of them for working so hard.
Decoration and Set Up - It was a difficult task to make the civic center look a little less mundane. Those that helped were able to take the limitations set in front of them and still make the hall look and feel cozy and regal. I gave them a general outline but our helpers ran with the idea and made it work. They worked from 5pm on Friday to nearly 1am on Saturday morning. Returning at 7am to finish up the little details. Those that went the extra mile were:
Arias (if it weren't for him, the scissor lift we rented would have gone unused...me up that high...hee hee...wouldn't have happened.)
Theresa (for reading my mind and using what little we had to make it beautiful)
Danny and Barbara for working late into the night decorating (Danny for pushing Arias around on the scissor lift when my Lord got tired). And also for Barbara working in the kitchen all day and serving well into the night.
Christine (for using gentle hands in putting together table decorations and feast tokens)
Jennie and Annie (for placing signs, arranging tables and doing all the little jobs that made it possible for the autocrats to do what they needed to do.)
Stella (for using common sense and keeping a level head in table placement and seeing to the little details we might have forgotten.)
Pyro (for jumping in when we needed an extra pair of hands.)
Genevieve 2.0 for helping at Gate and packing on Sunday morning.
Genevieve del Gamba (for letting this newbie co-autocrat run wild)
Kitchen - So often feast is what can make or break an event either financially or the actual meal itself. When my husband came to me with the idea of doing coronation I was shocked to learn that he wanted to feast steward. I was not around 15 years ago when he had last done one. Once I learned that Caelin would be helping I was solid in my support and that support was well warranted.
The food was delectable from the gourmet butters to the salad and main courses. It is rare to cut into a piece of chicken at an event and not have it dry or cold. I actually saw steam when I cut my piece open. mmmmmmmmm so glad we got to take left overs home.
So to the kitchen staff and servers I give a hearty thank you. I am sure that Richard will be sending out a personal thank you to all that helped.
Here are a list of names (sorry if I missed some) that I would like to thank, sorry for spelling:
Elizabeth Pendervais, Theresa, Ayslin, Richard Fairbourne, Caelin on Andrede, Ayslin, Feargus, Siobhan, Daniel, Philip White, Chiara Francesca, Donnel, Daire de Haya, Xene, Randolph, Arabella, Da'ud, Morgan, Lucais du Belier, Avatar, Crandall, Innes, Charles, Gerita del Mare, Stella, Barbara, Danny,  Their Excellencies, Their Majesties, the four gentlemen that helped set up more tables when needed (I was unable to get their names), Juliana, Raimond and Jazz, all the servers and kitchen staff.
In Service of the Barony of Elfsea
Giliana Launceleyn
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