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As lead cook, I would like to second and third all the people mentioned
below, but I would add that Richard did more than a little of
everything. He shopped ahead of time, he did a large portion of the set
up, he chopped vegetables, he cut chicken, he cooked vegetables, he
manned the grill for the chicken, and he worked both Saturday night and
Sunday for the cleanup.
I would also like to give a special thanks to my lady, Pyro, who did
most of what Richard and I did and seemed tireless.
Vivat to you all! I welcome you to any future feast I am crazy enough to
cook for. 
Caelin on Andrede


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No feast is done by one person, and this feast is no exception. Without
the support of these wonderful gentles I am listing below feast would
not have been the success it was.
Caelin, a thank you is not enough. Without your support and guidance
this feast simply would not have happened. You were the master and I was
the student during this feast. Thank you!
Pyro, thank you for all the cleaning, loading, unloading, chopping of
onions and cooking. You contribution made it easier for everyone. Thank
Aislyn, the real  success regarding the chocolate cake was the home made
frosting made on sight by you. Thank you for working so hard all day on
the chocolate cake icing and helping with all the other cooking. Your
contribution, and constantly putting water and diet coke in my hands
made the day easier for us all. Thank you!
Fearghu! s, what can I say but you are a master vegetable  chopper.
Thank you!
Inez, who literally cleaned  pots and pans all day and stuffed all those
chicken breasts. Even though you were in pain you still made a great
contribution to the feast. Thank you!
Barbara, sorry I don't know how to spell you sca name. Thank you for
constantly cleaning the dirty utensils, pots and pans and then chopping
mushrooms and preparing the salad. I am astonished by your tireless
energy. Thank you!
Siobhann, thank you for jumping in and helping in the kitchen and your
masterful preparation of the salad course. I salute your ability to make
salad without direction. Thank you!
Arias, who after fighting all day helped in the kitchen by cutting up
the beef and helped in the preparation of the courses. Thank you for
jumping in even after you were tired and your knee was hurt! ing you.
Thank you!
Theresa, who changed clothes not only to help cook, but also watched
several pots, helped in the preparation of the courses, and the actual
cooking. Without your participation I would still be watching a pot of
rice. Thank you!
Elizabeth, for showing Caelin and myself the mysterious art of baking
brownies and cakes. Without your knowledge and mentoring the 36 layers
of the chocolate cake would not have been completed so easily. Thank
Daniel, thank you for making all those grocery runs for those things we
needed during the day.
Armand and Ameline, thank you  for serving the high table and  the
general populace. Thank you!
Genvieve 2.0, thank you  for helping with the loading of the feast stuff
on Sunday morning.
I would also like to thank Dolphin, Chandra and Gw! enneth for coming in
and volunteering from outside of your group. Your contribution made it
easier on all of us and Chandra's skills as head server were invaluable.
Thank you to all those feast servers who sacrificed their time to serve
this feast. It is one thing to cook a feast and it quite another to
deliver it to the populace. Without your efforts people would not have
gotten their food in a timely fashion.
For all those I have forgotten, a very special thank you as you made the
feast move forward smoothly. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
H.E. Master Richard Fairbourne
Coronation Feast Steward.

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